In the opening of the Conference on the development of undergraduate studies at the University of 6 October:

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 Minister of Higher Education: Conducting admission tests for students is a prerequisite for admission to the faculties and sections of the media

The Faculty of Media and Communication Arts organized the 6th of October University in collaboration with the Media Studies Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities, a conference on the development of undergraduate studies in the faculties, institutes and sections of the Egyptian universities under the patronage of Prof. Khalid Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Atteya, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Mari Madkour, Dean of the College and President of the Conference, and a number of deans, professors and media experts in Egypt. In his speech, he referred to the importance of developing admission policies in the media colleges Impartiality,
He stressed the importance of activating the role of a sector committee in this matter. He pointed out that achieving its success in international systems, rehabilitated the faculties in accordance with the requirements of the times, and that Egypt achieved a number of issues and talks on the media in the media. The media to contribute to the development of the professional performance of our media institutions, With the importance of developing the methods of assessment of media students at different levels of study; to ensure that our students focus on acquiring practical skills, and proposed the employment of graduate projects of students and departments of media colleges to serve the issues of sustainable development in the Egyptian society such as water conservation, And cooperation with foreign universities with a standing in media studies, and stressed in his speech on the activation of the participation of colleges and sections of information in local and regional events and festivals, and issued a decision to hold acceptance tests for all faculties and sections of media on the level The State, For his part, Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Attia University President Ali stressed the importance of this scientific conference, explaining that it will end to a number of important recommendations for the development of media studies, Dr. Abdul Aziz Ali stressed the importance of applying for admission to students in the faculties and departments of the Egyptian universities. He called on the deans of the media colleges and the heads of the media departments to attend the discussions of the media sector committee to develop this vital sector. On the other hand, Where the first session revolves around the specialization in media studies: the reality and the necessities of development, and four papers were presented as follows: The first scientific paper: the current media disciplines and means of development (scientific sections and sections in media studies), the second scientific paper : Constants and changes in the curricula of media studies, the third paper: the extent of similarity and differentiation between the sections and colleges of information in Egypt, The fourth paper deals with the standard criteria for the components of the study programs at the bachelor level. The second session revolves around the curricula and methods in the media studies. Four papers were presented as follows: The first scientific paper: theoretical knowledge and scientific skills in media studies. The third paper: Evaluation Methods (Examinations, Assignments, Production, Graduation Projects), the fourth paper: Controls on the use of experts in teaching media materials, the third session revolves around Media Studies will be accepted in Egypt, it was presented four papers as follows The Third Scientific Paper: Future Media Studies in Egypt, The Fourth Scientific Paper: Scientific Research in the Curricula of Colleges, Institutes and Departments of Information in Egypt .