Faculty of Media and Mass Communication Welcomes New Students

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 Faculty of Media and Mass Communication held a welcome party for the new students of the academic year 2018/2019 under the patronage of Dr. Ahmed Attia Saada, President of October 6 University.

Professor Marai Madkour, Dean of the Faculty welcomed the new students and stressed the vision of the faculty aiming to raise the level of students in both scientific and practical skills, with the help of senior media teachers and cadres, to qualify students to keep pace with the media market as much as possible.
"Media and Mass Communication faculty is the main source for thinkers and creators", Dr. Omaima Omran, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs said, stressing the necessity to attend lectures, as 40 degrees will be added as a yearly performance score and other 60 degrees on the theoretical part.
Dr. Rifaat Al-Badri, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, stressed that the faculty is a first class practical and scientific school, underscoring the importance for students to continue their postgraduate studies.
Professor Jihan Yahia, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, wished more progress and success for the new students.
New students should participate in all activities of the faculty, especially in the University's journal, as such activities distinguishes the student's personality and shows his talents and excellence, Youth leader Ismail Ibrahim said.