Celebrating Heikal’s Batch at the Faculty of Media

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The Faculty of Media and Mass Communication celebrated the graduation of a new batch which was entitled ''Heikal's Batch''. It was named after the great journalist Mohamed Hassanein Hekel as gratitude towards his pioneering role played in the Egyptian and the Arab press. The celebration was held on Sunday, June 15, 2014 in the Opera Hall at ''Le Passage'' hotel. It was attended by Prof. Ahmed Attya Saada, President of October 6 University, Ambassador Prof. Kheir El Din Abd El Lateef, Vice President of the Board of Trustees for international strategies and cultural relationships, Prof. Helmy El Beshbeshy, Vice President of for high studies and research, and Prof. Ali Talaat, Vice President for education and students' affairs. The celebration also was attended by a great number of public figures, universities' presidents, deans of the Media faculties, and Prof. Marei Madkour the dean of O6U Faculty of Media and Mass Communication. O6U distinct students along with Male/Female Ideal Student were also awarded and a great party was performed by famous artistic celebrities in Egypt.