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 Students of the College of Media and Communication Arts will participate in the "Ebdaa 7" competition organized by the Ministry of Youth with "Not gone yet" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mari Madkour, Dean of the Faculty.

The story revolves around a young man who loves a college girl and her brother completely rejects this idea. While her brother's boyfriend loves her and helps him get rid of his sister's lover, the story is based on the silent and full of surprises, "Romance - Drama".
The film was directed and directed by Mohamed Rifai, directed by Raufael Bassem and Nourhan Al-Najdi, filmed by Abdullah Shanab and Sayed Siraj, lighting by Ryan Mohammed, screenplay and dialogue by Ala Jamal, starring Ibrahim Ibrahim Al Hindi, Emad Abdel Nasser, Sarah Hisham, Rafael Bassem, Ahmed Khalil, Amr Mohsen, Al-Kafrawi, Mohammed Attwan and Ahmed Jabr.