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 The Faculty of Media and Communication Arts, 6th October University, will organize its second conference entitled "The Role of Media in the Cultural Transformation of the Arab States" on 3 and 4 April.

Conference themes include:

·        Place of the conference: VIP hall of October 6 University.

·        Number of conference days: 2 days, April 3-4 2018 (Wednesday and Thursday).

·        Conference organizer: Faculty of Media and Mass Communication – October 6 University.

·        Authorities and institutions participating in this conference: Experts from Egyptian universities and media institutions/ Arab League/ Arab universities/ Members from Arab League mission in United Nations/ Research centers…etc.


·        Faculties, institutions and sections of media and experts in different Egyptian and Arab universities.

·        Professors, Researchers and Academics in the field of Media and Mass Communication.

·        State Information Service.

·        Senior media professionals from various media organizations.

·        People who are interested in new media and media, communication and publishing technologies.

·        Publishing conference researches: Faculty of Media and Mass Communication will issue a special issue of its scientific journal for scientific researches and papers presented to the conference.

Conference Targets:

1- Identify the concept of new media and different research attitudes it has addressed.

2- New technologies and innovation in media industry.

3- Discuss political, cultural, social effects resulting from new media.

4- New communication theories and its importance in the view of new media industry.

5- Identify functional and structural tasks of new media and its effect on serving the society.

6- Demonstrate ethical responsibility of new media industry.

7- Analysis the relationship between the authority and the audience through new media.

8- Governance of media organizations.

9- Cultural turn in some Arab countries as a result of using new media widely.

Conference Objects:

· Role of visual image in changing Arab communities' image.

· Arab women's use of new media and how it empowered them.

· Mechanisms of self- regulation of media practices in the view of modern technology of media.

· Freedom of creativity in new media.

·Industry of advertisement and cultural and social transformations in the view of modern techniques; the mobile and the internet.

· Cultural marketing in the view of new media.

· Industry of political marketing campaigns in the view of modern technologic turns.

· New media and crisis industry in Arab countries and how to face it.

· Ethics of advertising in the view of new media.

· Cultural and social effects produced by media on social media.

· The role of new media towards political decisions of Arab countries abroad.

How to Participle in the Conference:

Summary of participation:

· Summary of researches shall be sent within limits of 500 words, font type: simplified Arabic, font size: 14, font size of headline: 16 black, dimensions and page margins: 2,5 cm from all sides

Entire participation:

· Research should include one objects of the conference.

· Research should be characterized by seriousness and scientific origin according to systematic methodology and scientific documentation of references and sources.

· Research should not be published or presented at previous conferences or taken from a dissertation or scientific research.

· Research pages should not be more than 25 pages (A4) including appendixes and references.

- Insert appendixes, references and indexes at the end of the research.

- Comments place at the end of the source page and outlines place at the end of the research.

- Researches are accepted in Arabic or English.

- Deadlines will be at the end of February 2019.

- Font type: Arabic simplifies, font size: 14, font size of headline: 16 black, dimensions and page margins: 2.5 cm from all sides.

- 6 October University will bear the accommodations costs and living expenses of male and female researchers coming from outside of Egypt at the Hotel of 6 October University.

With our best wishes,

Faculty of Media and Mass Communication (October 6 University).

For inquiries please call the following numbers: -

 College :0238355281

- Dr. Asmaa Massaad 0111723217

- Ahmed Abdel-Majid 01090696144