Faculty of Media Holds its Annual Student Conference

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Faculty of Media and Mass Communication held its second annual student conference on Monday to present the faculty's achievements during the academic year.
Dr. Merai Madkour, Dean of the Faculty, Vice-Presidents, heads of departments, members of the teaching staff welcomed the students in the conference.
The conference begin with presenting the Faculty's achievements during the academic year, and finding out the problems facing the students and how to solve them to ensure the sustainability of the educational process. 
Students had the opportunity to express their opinions about the Faculty, lectures and proffessors.
Dr. Madkour called on senior students to accelerate the pace of implementing graduation projects due to lack of time, pointing out that it was agreed with the Ministry of Environment that these projects should be within the framework of "Vision 2030".
"Student should attend all lectures in order avoid the consequences of exceeding the specific rate of absence, which may lead to deprive them from entering lectures (examination)", Dr. Madkour warned.