Media students participate in the American University Cinematographic Workshop

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 Many students from the Faculty of Media and Communication Arts, 6th of October University, participated in a film and photography workshop with the great photographer, Mr. Tamer Zein, at the Greek Theater at the American University in Tahrir Square.

This workshop comes as part of the summer training held by the faculty, in cooperation with the investigative film school at the American University, to qualify students to the labor market. At the end of the workshop the participating students were honored. The organization of the students was under the supervision of Dr.Shaimaa Abo Mandour ,the field training manager in the faculty, and Mr.Ahmed Abdel Magid, associate lecturer in the faculty.
Participating students are:
1-Dina Nabil Mahmoud
2-Dalia Abd Allah Salah
3-Salwa Ali Ahmed
4-Alaa Ahmed Ahmed
5-Mohamed Hazem Mohamed
6-Wesam Khalifa Sayed
7-Mahmoud Hesham Sobeih
8-Ibram Ibrahim Hendi
9-Hend Mousa Abdel Haqq
10-Norhan Ibrahim Mohamed
11-Alaa Mahmoud Hamed
12-Nourhan Saad Mahmoud
13-Hosam Hamdy Hemdan
14-Hadeer Mohamed Ahmed
15-Fatma Sayed Mohamed 
16-Ayman Mohamed Abdel Khaleq
17-Ibrahim Safwat
18-Alaa Mohamed Mahmoud
19- Rayan El Ghandour
20-Mohanad Hossam