A symposium held by October 6 University on last Monday under the rubric: Sinai, the Land of Turquoise" between reality and expectations

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The biggest honor of the October War is its prevailing of the spirit in the minds of Egyptians. Gen. Talat Muslim: war of attrition is an academic leap Academy and an introduction for the glorious October War. Hamdi Elkonesy: Taba negotiations of no less importance for the victory of our heros. Dr. Keireldin Abdellatif: diplomatic, political, military and media integration through Taba negotiations. Mr. Mohammed Eid: Films of October War were only displayed with the support of the Armed Forces. Manifestation of the glorious October War embodied in a seminar organized by October 6 University of last Monday , which was attended by heroes who took part in the War on various level:  (strategic expert,Gen. Talat Muslim, interviewer Hamdi ElKonesy, Former Head of the Egyptian Radio Broadcasting ,the interviewer of the "Diaries of a War Correspondent"  Show which was broadcast in " Sot ElArab"  voice of the Arabs Radio Station "and "General Program "and author of thevarious books about this war; including the" Peace through War "," The Diaries of an Interviewer at the Battlefront "and" The Flood "and others, also Dr.  Keireldin Abdellatif, a well known diplomat participated in the Taba negotiations and Vice chairman of the Board of Trustees of October 6 University for International Strategies and Cultural Relations, and finally the writer Mr. Mohammed Elsayed Eid, Former Vice President of the Egyptian Writers Union and the owner of 156 radio and TV shows which are considered an important document that witnessed such Egyptian era.