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General Manager: Dr: Shimaa Abo Mandour

CEO: Prof. Iman Al-Azizy                          



Welcome to MCT!



The Faculty of Media and Mass Communication - October 6 University – has founded the Media Centre for Training and Consultancy (MCT) as a training provider and a laboratory that brings about multi-specialized media practitioners. The MCT seeks to produce skilled graduates specialized in various areas of mass media (radio/ TV/ print and electronic press/ advertising/ marketing) as embodied in their high levels of competitiveness and excellence.


To best achieve its mission, the MCT provides learners with a vast array of the most qualified and highly experienced media professors and practitioners who tailor courses, workshops, and hands-on and field training that cover all areas of the media profession. By completing the MCT courses, graduates would boost their employability, based on the skills they acquire, with a special blend of creativity, proficiency and extensive hands-on experience.



MCT grants accredited certificates from the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication, October 6 University, one of the top and leading faculties in the region, in collaboration with a number of notable media agencies and institutions.

MCT Center Mission and Objectives

1.   Improve the skills of media practitioners-to-be with the provision of extensive training and keeping up with a fast-paced and rapidly-growing media industry.

2.   To build on the trainees' academic and professional experience through hands-on training and workshops.

3.   To uplift media training and cater for excellent and leading graduates who would keep up with the latest technologies in media. 


MCTC targets the following groups:

1.   Media and Mass Communication Students at Egyptian and Arab universities.

2.   Other students interested in taking up media as a career path.

3.   Media personnel recruited in private and public institutions. 


MCTC utilizes some of the top-notch media trainers, consultants, practitioners and academics in the MENA region.

Facilities and Logistics

1.   Lecture rooms facilitated with the latest technological advancements.

2.   Multi-media aided presentations

3.   Hands-on training via brainstorming and multi-faceted workshops for easier field training.

4.   Top-notch equipment and teaching aides include:

·        Radio studio

·        TV and digital montage

·        Computer lab

The centre concluded partnerships with several media agencies to better facilitate hands-on training and field visits to the top mass media institutions (Radio/ TV/ Journalism). Participants are provided with a rare opportunity, i.e. to go through extensive training at some of the top media and public relations agencies, newspapers and TV channels.

·      Extended Courses (Specialist Diploma)

The MCTC offers six-week-specialist diplomas comprising the following domains

1.     The General Diploma in Journalist Preparation

2.     E-journalism Diploma

3.     TV Direction Diploma

4.     How to be an Anchor?

5.     IMC General Diploma

6.     E-marketing Diploma

7.     Advertisement Planning Diploma (Advertising design and writing)

Short term Courses

Following are the 36-hour-courses offered by MCTC for a period of three weeks:

1.                TV Anchoring

2.                TV Cinematography

3.                Screenwriting

4.                TV News casting

5.                Montage

6.                Voice Engineering

7.                TV Reporter Skills

8.                Creating a Press Release

9.                How to be a reporter?

10.                      Investigative journalism

11.                      E-journalism Writing Skills

12.                      Safety and Security of Media Personnel

13.                      How to be a Press Photographer?

14.                      Web Design

15.                      Web Writing

16.                      Preparation for Public Relations Personnel

17.                      Etiquette and Protocol

18.                      Public Relations Strategic Planning

19.                      Skills of a Successful Public Relations Professional

20.                      Advertising and Marketing Skills

21.                      Online Advertising (Google and YouTube)

22.                      Online Advertising via Social Media and Blogs (Youtube/ Twitter/ Facebook)

23.                      Mobile Marketing and Advertising

24.                      Copywriting

25.                      Art of Propaganda




The applicant should fill out the application and register his/her information at MCTC's general manager office, No. 1115.


For further information about the courses, kindly contact:


Fatima Mahmoud                                   Radio Department

Rashed Salah Adin                                 Journalism Department

Monira Mohamad                                  Journalism Department



An announcement will be made regarding the course starting dates when the applications are completed.


Diploma in Marketing Communications

This Diploma gives an in-depth understanding of the various types of communications that would put corporate goals into effect.


Diploma Requirements

Students are admitted to the diploma study after passing the following courses:

1.     Major Marketing Principles / Developing a Marketing Plan

2.     Advertising/ Skills for Creating Press, TV, Radio and Online Advertisement

3.     Public Relations

4.     Consumer Behaviour/ Consumer Market Research

5.     Press/ Radio/ TV/Mobile/ Internet Advertisements and Outdoors

6.     Exhibitions and Symposia

Advertising Diploma

1.     Major Principles of Advertisement

2.     Advertising Design

3.     Creating a Trademark

4.     Advertising Goals

5.     Advertising Strategies

6.     Types of Advertising Messages

7.     Writing for Advertising

8.     Creative Ideas

E-Marketing Diploma

The program consists of 52 hours, twelve lectures per week, four hours per lecture)

1.     Marketing Basics

2.     Internet Marketing

3.     Social Media Marketing

4.     Mobile Marketing

Marketing Planning and Targeting

1.     Marketing via Forums/ blogs and mail groups

2.     Marketing via advertising and services websites

3.     Marketing via social media (Youtube, Twitter, facebook)

4.     Marketing via Google+, AdSense

Practical Applications

TV Direction Diploma

1.     Cinematography and Lighting

2.     Sound Engineering

3.     TV Digital Montage

4.     Basics of Direction

E- Journalism Diploma

1.     Principles of Journalism and Fundamentals of E-Journalism

2.     Skills of E-Journalist

3.     Writing for the Web

4.     Social Media and the Development of Journalist Tools

Journalism Diploma

1.     Principles of Journalism

2.     Journalists' Code of Ethics

3.     Comprehensive Journalist Skills

4.     Photojournalism (how to be a news photographer?)

5.      How to Be a News Reporter?

6.     Safety and Security of Journalists

News Reading and Anchoring Diploma

1.     Preparation of Radio Programs

2.     Screenwriting

3.     Hosting TV Programs (How to be a TV Presenter?)

4.     News casting (How to be newscaster?)

5.     Language Command and Anchoring Skills