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In accordance with the Private Universities Council decree No. 15 of 4/6/2011 and in light of the academic partnerships and endorsements established between October 6 University and (Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Tanta University, Beni Sweif University, Suez Canal University and Helwan University), October 6 University announces the start of admission to graduate programs.


1.     Official  paper copy of BA certificate

2.     Official paper copy of transcript

3.     Photocopy of national passport or National ID number

4.     For non-Egyptians, a photocopy of national passport

5.     TOEFL certificate

6.     (4x6) 6 personal photos


1.     Applicants shall fill up the paper application for admission, complete and submit it at the Graduate Studies Department to be reviewed for the graduate admission requirements stipulated by October 6 University and Governmental Universities.

2.     The application for admission shall be referred to Vice Deans for Graduate Affairs for approval and thereupon endorsement by the Faculty Board.

3.     Following endorsement, applicants shall receive a money order and admission fees order payable to October 6 University.

4.     Applicants shall pay admission fees whereby they receive payment proof.

5.      Enrolled students shall receive the IDs issued by virtue of fees payment. The Vice Dean of each Faculty shall select a staff member to exercise his/her capacity as an academic advisor.

6.     Enrolled students shall get oriented to the SOUL and graduate studies facilities.

7.     By the end of August every year, the Graduate Studies Department shall notify peer departments in Governmental Universities of the numbers, specializations and photocopies of official documentations of enrolled students. 

8.     Preliminary MA Final examinations shall be administered in parallel with those conducted by peer departments in Governmental Universities.