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Goals and Objectives

Final Objective and Strategic Goals
First Goal: Enhancing the competitiveness of the college in the field of teaching information systems and computer science.
1/1  Effective implementation of education quality systems and self-assessment of college performance to ensure continuous improvement.
1/2  Continuous improvement of the learning environment and computer labs to contribute to preparing distinguished graduates.
1/3  Development of advanced educational programs and courses that meet the requirements of the job market.
1/4  Continuous improvement of teaching, learning, and evaluation methods using modern technology to ensure learning outcomes are achieved.
1/5  Providing academic support, professional development programs, and outstanding student activities.
Second Goal: Advancing the scientific research system and transitioning to graduate studies.
2/1 Development of scientific research activities in collaboration with local and international higher education institutions.
2/2 Improvement of the infrastructure to serve the purposes of high-quality scientific research.
2/3 Enhancing the performance level of faculty members, support staff, and students in scientific research activities.
2/4 Growth of the research process at the college and research collaboration in accordance with international guidelines and local regulations.
2/5 Development of graduate programs at the college.
Third Goal: Enhancing the college's ability to contribute to serving the community and developing the environment.
3/1 Effective contribution to providing community services and developing the environment.
3/2  Continuous cooperation and partnership with community institutions.
3/3  Continuous communication to maintain the relationship between graduates and the college.
3/4 Utilization of community feedback for continuous improvement and development of the college's role in serving the community.