Project Based Learning(first level project)

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 The first level students were tasked with collecting

information, scientific papers and published research
on pre-selected plants by the professor of the course
and taught students how to obtain documented
information from them by accessing official sites such
as the Egyptian Knowledge Bank Google scholar,
science Direct
The student learned about the volume of trade of
medicinal plants used in it paper part such as tea
leaves, leaves of the Senna plant, Alovera leaves, leaves
of the Ginkgo biloba plant, papers of the Belladonna,
and the papers of the Digitals and papers of the
Egyptian sugar plant, and introduced the student to
how to access the international trade center or the
World Trade Center through which the student
learned about the size of import and export to Egypt
for all countries of the world and the students
discovered that Egypt imports three billion pounds of
tea and was researched Students on imported paper
plants to try to grow them even in agricultural
greenhouses as students are introduced to different
methods of drying, which helps to keep the Egyptian
product price, for example Egypt is the first country in
the world to produce oranges and export them, but
increase quantities with the farmer so he loses in selling
the price per kilo while if he learns the various easy
drying methods simple keeps the right price for him
and the consumer every year in addition to the work of
students posters and the student presented the
presentation himself and pasteurized This increases the
student's self-confidence. The project was carried out
under the supervision of Professor Dr. Samir osman
and Assistant Professor Dr. jilan Nazim, Coordinator
of the subject and the in the Department of
pharmacognosy and direct supervision of the head ofthe department Dr. Sabah Al-Jed, as well as supervised
the scientific day Dr. Nabawia Moussa, Undersecretary
of the Faculty for Student Affairs and Professor Dr.
Mohammed Rifaat, Dean of the Faculty supervised the
various posters Dr. Lina from the Micro Department
Dr. Sheren Samah from the Department of
Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Sabah and Professor Dr.
Mustafa Abdel kawy, Professor of Drugs at the Faculty
of Drugs Pharmacy University Cairo university and
general supervisor of the farm of Cairo University
Farm Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University