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Strategic Goals and Objectives


The Vision of Faculty of Pharmacy


Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University's vision is to be a remarkable model which supports creativity and innovation in pharmaceutical education, scientific research and community service, and holds an international ranking


The Mission of Faculty of Pharmacy


The mission is to create highly professional qualified graduates capable of development, competition and keeping up with scientific and technological changes. This is achieved through outstanding educational programs, an advanced teaching/learning strategy, an applied scientific research work, a productive role in community contribution and environmental development. All this is achieved within a frame of ethics and morals conservation to fulfill Egypt's future vision 

The Ultimate Goals and Strategic Objectives of Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University

First: The development of teaching/ learning systems and enhancement of competition potentials of the faculty:

1/1       Developing the education program to keep up with the employment market variables.

1/2       Development of students support systems.

1/3       Improving the competitive situation of the faculty.

Second: Strengthening the institutional capacities: -

2/1       Development of the college infrastructure.

2/2       Development of the institutional evaluation system and management of quality systems.

Third: Developing the scientific research system and postgraduate studies:

3/1       Improvement of faculty research environment.

3/2       Establishment of postgraduate programs to cope with employment market requirements.

Fourth: Maximizing the community role of the college.

4/1       Strengthening alumni support programs and increasing communication with them.

4/2       Developing and increasing activities and areas of community service and environmental development