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Strategic Goals and Objectives

The Ultimate Goals and Strategic Objectives of Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University

First: The development of teaching/ learning systems and enhancement of competition potentials of the faculty:

1/1       Developing the education program to keep up with the employment market variables.

1/2       Development of students support systems.

1/3       Improving the competitive situation of the faculty.

Second: Strengthening the institutional capacities: -

2/1       Development of the college infrastructure.

2/2       Development of the institutional evaluation system and management of quality systems.

Third: Developing the scientific research system and postgraduate studies:

3/1       Improvement of faculty research environment.

3/2       Establishment of postgraduate programs to cope with employment market requirements.

Fourth: Maximizing the community role of the college.

4/1       Strengthening alumni support programs and increasing communication with them.

4/2       Developing and increasing activities and areas of community service and environmental development