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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Objectives and Strategic Goals of the Faculty of Pharmacy



First objective: To improve the quality of the educational system and empower the competitive capacities of the college

Strategic goals:

1/1 Improving the educational program and developing new educational programs to cope with the labor market.

1/2 Enhancing the competitive status of the college.


Second objective: Enhancing the efficiency of the college's institutional capacity

Strategic goals:

2/1 Developing the capabilities of members of the administrative sector.

2/2 Upgrading and maintaining the college's infrastructure and technology.

2/3 Complementing human and financial resources of the college.


Third objective: Promoting scientific research and postgraduate studies and providing a supportive environment for creativity and innovation

Strategic goals:

3/1 Enforcing the research environment and supporting the applied research.

3/2 Continuous improvement of postgraduate programs.


Fourth objective: Empowering the community role of the College

Strategic goals:

4/1 Continuous development of community services and environmental evolution.

4/2 Strengthen the communication with the internal and external community of the college.

4/3 Maintaining environmental, biological and industrial safety.


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