Report on the Second Team Regarding the Fourth Year Students Projects (Phytochemistry3)- at Pharmacognosy Department for the Academic Year 2016-2017

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 Entitled: (Integrative and Innovative Study for Preparation of Pharmaceutical Products from Natural Products)  

The students were familiarized with the objectives of the project and target outputs of the educational process and its relationship to the theoretical part of the course.


The scientific material aims to (ILOS):
• Identification of the meaning of the standard curve and use it to identify the material effective concentration using high-pressure chromatography.
• Identification of the difference between different methods of extraction and its impact on biological efficiency plants.
• Identification of the outcome of lysis of trigenollinne with knowing its different effect and the method of analyzing it with chromatography.
• Application for the analysis of any material by high pressure chromatography.
• Identification of the factors influencing the quality and purity of the separation of natural materials (different extracts by using different factors and conditions (Resolution).
The first part of the experiment (extraction):
On Wednesday (10/12/2016), the steps of the project had be explained to the students with the aim is to make the students identify the control parts of the plant for the research project: (fenugreek seeds- seeds of fenugreek after germination- coffee seeds - coffee seeds after germination). The students were divided in to groups and each group consists of five students and each group choosing the team leader and was followed by a choice of whom to follow up the group's leader for delivery of report and poster.
The practical part as follows:
 Prepare different concentrations of each sample:
-         The weight of two grams of each sample (already prepared) and add 200 ml (titrated) to each of them and prepare abstracts of Infusion for 15 minutes.
The students were distributed as follows:
-         Group I: Preparing extract fenugreek seeds – coffee seeds- coffee seeds after germination
-         Group II: Preparing extract roasted fenugreek seeds.
-         Group C: Prepare extract fenugreek seeds after germination.
-         Group D: Prepare extract roasted fenugreek seeds after germination.
-         Group E: Prepare extract of coffee seeds.
-         Group F: Prepare coffee extract seeds toaster.
-         Group G: Prepare coffee extract seeds after germination.
-         Group H: Prepare roasted coffee seeds extract previously germinated.
The subsequent extracts were calibrated again and then took the samples (1 ml) of each of them and save them in a low temperature in order to measure the concentration of Trigenolline (using HPLC)
Second part of the experiment calibration concentration of Trigenolline (Quantitative HPLC analysis):
On the day (19-10-2016) The students initiated the second step on 4 p.m. which 
The theoretical part included the following:
• Chromatography device components of a high pressure
• Definition of the components of the device and function of its parts and training to clarify the results program Excel.
• included the following practical part:
• All concentrations were injected on the HPLC system and the receipt of each of the total of their Kromatogram.
• A way to clarify the use of the straight line equation to calculate the concentration of the active ingredient extracts prepared for injection later.
• Trained students to use the results to draw a calibration curve using Excel.
• Under explanation of:
v Prof. Dr. Samir Osman - Assistant Professor and head of pharmacognosy department
v Dr. Gilan Abdulaziz Nazim - Assistant Lecturer
v Dr. Sherif Mohamed  - Assistant Lecturer