Graduation Project of 5th Year Students Related to Pharmacognosy Department Entitled: From Nature to Creation

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 Project Idea:

·        Illustrate the importance of the volatile oils in our lives they intervene in many areas including, food, medicine and aromatherapy, and a lot of industries and this industry generate a profit "significant due to the high prices of natural oils

·        Three aromatic plants were chosen and is mint and marjoram and chamomile and distillation of its oil as they are common in the Egyptian market for use.

·        The components of the oil will be the compared from sample of the market and other fresh brushes


Activities of the first week: Sunday, 30/10/2016 and Monday 31/10/2016
• Students were divided to three groups, each team dedicated by one plant.
• Dry samples of plants were prepared for distillation.
• explain the importance of the volatile oils and they intervene in many industries and are exported most expensive to each group.
• The explanation of how the instrument works for the oil and how to prepare the sample and save it for when injected into the GC / MS device
• The oil of three plants was distilled in presence students of each group
Activities of the second week has been so on Saturday, 11/05/2016
• The presence of 16 students to move from Pharmacy, University of 6th October to Tanta University and reached at eleven pm and were joined by five students from Tanta University and went to Mag company for essential oils. All students watched the stages of extraction of oil
• After that they went to the analysis of the company's laboratory, where testing of oils samples  was done physically and chemically and using a GC where students know and looking at components of the device and the operating procedure and the results and how to read and how to distinguish fake oils or corrupt.
• Project Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Samir Osman (Chairman of pharmacognosy department)