2nd Pharmacognostic Scientific Fair Day for Faculty of Pharmacy Students (Integrative Studies and Development of Education)

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 On 14-12-2016 and Under the Patronage of:

·        Prof. Dr. Ahmed Attia Seida President of October 6 University

·        Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Koheil Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University

·        Prof. Dr. Nabawaya Abdelaziz Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

·        Ass. Prof. Samir Osman Head of Pharmacognosy Department and Project Coordinator

·        Jilan Nazeam Assistant Lecturer – Pharmacognosy Department

The 2nd Pharmacognostic Scientific Fair Day for fourth and fifth year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy was held, at which the fourth year students (550 students) presented scientific projects entitled (Integrative and Innovative Study for Preparation of Pharmaceutical Products from Natural Resources.)
at The Roman Theater on campus.

The students presented 13 scientific posters that illustrate the projects steps starting from extraction of active constituents, analytical, microbial tests and production of pharmaceutical products.

The students presented the pharmaceutical products and illustrated the formulation steps for the attendees. The posters were entitled as follows: 

1.     Calibration Curve of Trigonelline.

2.     Comparative Study of Trigonelline Concentration in Different Fenugreek and Coffee bean Extract

3.     HPLC determination of thermal stability of Trigonelline in decoction extracts of Fenugreek.

4.     HPLC analysis of trigonilline thermal stability in germintaed fenugreek seeds Decoction Extracts.

5.     Effect of Decoction Method on Thermal Degradation of Trigonelline in Coffee beans Extracts.

6.     Determination of decoction effect on the Trigonelline Stability in Germinated Coffee beans using HPLC.

7.     Isolation of trigonelline major metabolite from fenugreek seeds extract.

8.     Antifungal activity of Fenugreek extracts against Aspergillus niger & Candida albicans.

9.     Antimicrobial activity of Different Coffee bean extracts.

10.            Sun Protection Factor and Sunscreen Efficacy of Different Fenugreek Extracts.

11.            Skin Irritation Test of the Different Fenugreek Extracts Cosmetic Products.

12.            Anti-Fungal Shampoo Formulation of Bioactive Fenugreek Extract against Aspergillus Species.

13.            Oleogel & Toothpaste Formulation of Bioactive Coffee bean Extract against Enterobacteriaceae.

-         Also the fifth year students (200 students) introduced scientific projects entitled (Job Training) which aim at training students on different scientific and practical projects in the labor market to present new ideas and opportunities for jobs for Faculty of Pharmacy students.

-         The projects were as follows:

 Methods of extraction and GC analysis of volatile oil by distillation of oil by distillation of oil in lab and making a field visit to factory for producing jasmine oil at Tanta. The project was presented in 4 posters as follow:

1.     GC/MS analysis of essential oil hydro distilled from Matricaria chamomilla L.

2.     GC/MS analysis of the essential oil of Mentha piperita l. comparative study between fresh and dried samples.

3.     GC/MS analysis of the essential oil obtained from fresh and dried marjoram.

4.     Educational visit to jasmine oil factory.

Methods of extraction of cellulose and hemicellulose from rice straw and baggas and production of Nano cellulose and study their pharmacological activities and compressed cellulose into tablets, and the projects were presented in 2 posters entitled as follows:

5.     Enhancement of mechanical and drug release of Nano & micro-cellulosic crystals pharmaceutical tablets from Egyptian agriculture wastes.

6.     In vivo and in vitro bioassays activities of sulfated hemicelluloses extracted from rice straw.

Conversion of some active metabolites to their Nano size and compare their antimicrobial activity before and after formation of Nano size and the project were presented in a poster entitled

7.     Impact of some phenolic metabolites and their silver nanoparticles on some resistant pathogenic microbes.

In addition to a poster entitled:


8.     A validated HPLC method for determination of glycyrrhizic acid in liquorice powder.

-         The students illustrated the projects for the attendees and through the presentation the judges evaluated the poster to determine the top 5 posters

-         The event was organized by fourth year students under the supervision of Dr. jilan Nazeem

-         at the end of the event Dr. Samir Othman recognized:  
Best five posters
Best team
Beat head leaders
Best report
Best organizers