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Hospital Pharmacy Workshop On Saturday 1/12/2012 the 1st session of Hospital Pharmacy workshop was completed in highly successful manner. The attendance of the 5th year students was about 90%. The program of the 1st session was as follows: A lecture of Dr.Nermen Sabry was started at 9 -11:30 (Morning). The lecture covered the following topics: What TPN ?, Why TPN, disadvantages of TPN , components of TPN and how it is adapted with patients need ,as well as the role of pharmacist in the support nutrition team 11:30-12 (Noon) ,Coffee Break The practical laboratory was started at 12:30 afternoon , the students practiced the reconstitution of dry powder, IV flow rate dosing and the pharmaceutical calculations related to these issues. After thisis session, the students gained a good knowledge, professional and intellectual skills in hospital pharmacy practice. The second session will be held on the next Saturday, 8/12/202. for more details please download the attached file... Download