Report on First aid training course first level Academic year 2012-2013 2nd Semester

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Report on First aid training course first level Academic year 2012-2013 2nd Semester First aid Training course had been set up after identifying the Intended learning outcomes and determination of goals and also advertised in the ways and means as audio and visual ways. Course was held on Saturday 9 March 2013 at Hall No. 3009. Number of students was 300from various colleges of the October 6 university, such as the Faculty of Pharmacy - Faculty of Dentistry - faculty of Physical Therapy and finally faculty of Medicine has participated in the session (with attendance). And which was amazing, was participation of some graduates of Faculty of Pharmacy. And also students from the faculties of languages, alsun and media (attached to the standard community service). The training course was started at nine in the morning(am) and ended at four o'clock pm (agenda attached). All the objectives and targets of the training course and intended Learning outcomes has been achieved in the following: 1) Give attendance all information needs, and understanding all subjects of the course to suit the first level. 2) Making practical demonstration using the trainer models, volunteers and this will be displayed on University site and facebook (supplied). 3) Use several means and ways to deliver information, such as dolls (models), volunteers, pictures, videos, video cameras, data show. 4) At the end of the training course, activated questionare trainee and trainer and students assessment (attached). 5) Each student will take CD of the contents of the course and a course completion certificate. Recommendations: • Many of attendance recommended establishment of second level of first aid Training course. • 115 students did written request for this level. Lecturer in Pharmacology And Toxicology Department Dr. Hala Hammam