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      The Faculty of Economics and Management is at the forefront of innovative and alternative models applied in business and economics. We are committed to fostering an ethical, successful and competitive system based on empowering students with a unique set of opportunities and skills.

      The Faculty awards the B.A. degree accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. The Faculty has four departments: Accounting, Management, Economics and Political Science.

As graduates of the Faculty of Economics & Management, you are qualified to work in a large number of jobs. Graduates are particularly prepared to pursue careers in the following areas:

Private Sector: In companies across all industries as analysts, managers, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  specialists, economists, sales, marketing or administration representatives and many others.

         Ministries of Economy, Industry and the Environment, as well as in urban, rural and economic development.

         Civil Society: In local NGOs, charitable enterprises, and multilateral agencies. Graduates are equipped to manage individual enterprises and to place them in a local and global, social and economic context.

Research: Postgraduate studies nationally or abroad

       The Faculty of Economics and Management is considered one of the important faculties at October 6 University. It was established by Presidential Decree No. 243 for the year 1996.

       The faculty consists of four departments; Accounting, Political Science, Economics and Management. The studies is based on the credit hour system through three semesters in the academic year, the first (autumn), the second (spring) and third (summer). This is done in accordance with the rulings dictated in the rules and regulations of the faculty and of the Student Affairs.

       The duration of study for a bachelor's degree is four years during which the student pass (144) credit hours in four levels. Students in the first and second level all study the same courses. The students are taught joint mandatory courses from all four departments and they begin to specialize at the third level. There is an Arabic and English Division for all four departments and for the students to enter the English section he/she must have a minimum of 35 out of 50 in the English Exam at High School (or its equivalent).


The faculty is characterized by its simulation models for the most important international, regional and local entities and institutions. Students participate in the activities provided by these entities such as; the United Nations, the League of Arab States, the Parliament, the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the European Union.