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welcome word from the vice dean of the faculty

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Emphasizing the role of the college in serving its external and internal  community and through the importance of the concept of community service and environmental development, which represents a pivotal dimension and adds a basic task   of the tasks that the college aspires to, the sector works to achieve the goal of the university and the college in consolidating the relationship between it and the community parties that are related to the college, and the community service sector in the college is one of the important axes of the institutional capacity that  Through which you can provide services to the internal and external community and link the college - as a platform of science - with the surrounding community through all the activities and programs provided by the sector to achieve the maximum rates of community participation, as the sector contributes to the safety of the environment and the achievement of sustainable development goals and the provision of scientific and technical consultations. 

 Prof. Dr. Suzi Mohamed Rashad

Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service