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Terms of reference of the Quality Assurance Unit

Terms of Reference of the Quality Assurance Unit 

1- Using and applying the tools, techniques and programs designed by the Quality Assurance Unit in the University in order to evaluate the performance and quality assurance on both the academic and institutional levels in the faculty according to the national accreditation standards.

2- Implementing the University’s strategy concerning quality at the faculty level, as well as directives issued by the Quality Assurance Unit of the University in this regard.

3- Establishing integrated information systems for performance evaluation and internal quality assurance.

4- Following-up with the performance evaluation activities and assuring quality in the various scientific and administrative departments.

5- Analyzing the results of performance evaluation activities and quality assurance and submitting periodic reports to the Quality Assurance Unit in the University.

6- Providing awareness, training, guidelines and advisory services to the various scientific departments in the faculty concerning quality assurance and accreditation.

7- Working with all scientific and competent departments in the faculty on initializing the faculty and preparing it for accreditation.

8- Preparing the annual report for performance evaluation and quality assurance in the faculty and approving it from Prof. Dr. Dean of the faculty and submitting it to the Quality Assurance Unit.

9- Establishing direct and strong relationships with the outside community benefiting from the faculty, as well as all parties concerned with performance evaluation issues and quality assurance through Quality assurance Unit.


10- Carrying-out a wide media activity inside the faculty and society to solidify the concept of performance evaluation and continuous development.