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the cultural parties and seminars unit

 First: Objectives of the Cultural Parties and Seminars Unit:

·          Cooperate with the university sectors to obtain the necessary approvals to hold scientific events.

·          Facilitate and develop the procedures for faculty members to attend conferences, seminars and workshops

·          Contribute to the achievement of the vision and mission of the university to be in the ranks of international universities and show the university on the international map through the participation of faculty members in conferences, seminars, workshops and the organization of scientific meetings.

·          Making statistics and building databases on participation in conferences, seminars and workshops and on conferences held by the college

·          Open channels of communication with other faculties and research centers through visiting professors and obtain the necessary approvals for them to visit the college.

Second: Tasks of the Cultural Concerts and Seminars Unit:

  • Supervise and follow up on requests for the attendance and participation of faculty members for conferences, seminars, workshops and the like, complete their procedures and obtain the necessary approvals.
  • Supervise and follow up on requests to hold scientific meetings and hold conferences, seminars, workshops and the like within the university and work to complete its procedures and help obtain official approvals for them.
  • Receiving a "visiting professor's application" from all sectors of the university and assisting visiting professors in obtaining the necessary visas to visit the university .
  • Follow up the reports of the scientific mission carried out by faculty members who attended scientific participations and develop an appropriate mechanism to benefit from them.
  • Monitoring and activating the research throat and seminars within the scientific departments and research centers.
  • Prepare reports and statistics on the attendance and participation of faculty members to conferences, seminars, workshops and the like.
  • The work and tasks assigned to him by the President of the University.

Third : Meeting of the Committee :

The committee meets monthly in the first week of each month at the headquarters of the Vice Dean for Community Service in coordination with the rest of the committees.

Fourth: Formation of the Committee:

Dr. Mona Al-Shura (Chairman)

Mr. Lubna Abu Al-Ela (Member)

Mr. Ibrahim Reza (Member)

Mr. Ahmed Jebali (Member)