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 Scientific facilities committee

Academic year : 2022/2023
Prof. Dr. Hala Elsayed Ismael "Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs" " Head of committe "
Dr.Heba Elhosiny         Member

Intisar Sabir Mohamed   student
Abram Shafiq stuedent
Jihad Abu Al-Wafa Ahmed student
Amin Saud Seesi student
Vision of the Committee:
The Educational Facilities Committee should be able to create a suitable educational climate for its students and enable the college to achieve its mission.
Committee Mission:
Evaluate and follow up all the problems that students may face in the college and work to evaluate them and use all available mechanisms and capabilities to support and facilitate the educational process for college students.
Objectives of the Committee:
The objectives of the Committee are as follows:
1. Providing air-conditioned classrooms equipped with the latest means of display and following up on their periodic maintenance.
2. Directing students to use the central library provided by the university and includes a huge collection of references and educational resources for all departments of the college.
3. Supporting and following up students with special abilities in the college and providing them with all services.
4. Follow up the provision of a medical clinic in the college building to face any emergency health conditions for students, as well as follow up the provision of a first aid box in the college.