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Postgraduate Studies

Beginning of postgraduate studies at faculty of Economics and Management October 6 University

Due to fulfillment of October 6 University  all conditions and criteria to be met for academic cooperation between governmental and private universities to grant postgraduate degrees from governmental universities based on the decision of the Council of Private Universities No (15) dated 4 – 6 – 2011, academic cooperation agreements have been signed among Cairo University, Beni Suef University, Suez Canal University, Menoufia University, Helwan University, Tanta University and  October 6 University upon the approval of the councils of those universities.

Postgraduate studies programs:

First: Diploma degree

1-Diploma of applied postgraduate studies in: Political Science

International Negotiations

Parliamentary Studies

International Regulation

Israeli Studies

Public Policy and Child Rights

International Crisis Analysis

Civil Society and Human Rights


2- Diploma of applied postgraduate studies in: Economics

Evaluation of projects and Feasibility study

Health Economics

Banking operations of Banks

Educational Economics

Financial Markets Analysis


3- Diploma of applied postgraduate studies in: Accounting

National Governmental Accounting

Accounting and Auditing

Accounting Information Systems

Tax Accounting

Cost Accounting

Managerial Accounting

Feasibility study for Investment Projects


4- Diploma of applied postgraduate studies in: Business Administration

Operations and Production Management


Financial Investments and Financial Markets

Human Resources Management and Development

Banks and Financial Institutions

Management of Hotels and Tourist Villages

Second: Master and PhD degrees

1-Master degree (MSC) in one of the following specializations branches:

Political science



Business Administration

2-PhD degree in one of the following specializations branches:

Political science



Business Administration

 Required documents for postgraduate studies students:

1- A certified copy of the first university certification.

2-A certified copy of the academic record at the university.

3-A copy of the ID card or passport.

4-A copy of the passport for non-Egyptians.

5-Proof of  English language level.

6- (6) Colored personal photos 4x6.

Steps for students' registration for postgraduate studies:

1-The student will withdraw the enrollment file for postgraduate studies and fill out the required form and papers and hand it over to the postgraduate studies affairs officer for review and make sure that it meets the necessary conditions for admission by the governmental university and October 6 University.

2-The postgraduate studies affairs officer transfers the files submitted to him to the vice dean for postgraduate studies at October 6 University according to specialization for approval and credence by the faculty council.

3-The Department of postgraduate Studies at October 6 University to provide the student with payment permission of the tuition fees in addition to the registration fees.

4-Treasury through the student's open screen will receive the prescribed tuition fees and give him a receipt as proof of payment.

5-After receiving a payment receipt, the student will extract a postgraduate studies ID.

6-The Vice Dean for postgraduate studies selects an Academic Advisor from October 6 University for each student who has been admitted and this is in jointly with the postgraduate student and the admitted student is introduced to the university library and other places available to him during the study.

 7-Before the end of August of each year, the university postgraduate studies shall notify the faculties of different governmental universities of the names, qualifications and numbers of applicants in each specialization, whether from Egyptians or expatriates and send a copy of the qualifications and all the required papers that existed in the student file.

8-Holding examinations in the same dates of examinations as agreed schedule among the faculty and the various departments of the governmental university and October 6 University in particular the examinations of the introductory year.