The opening of a training center to qualify dentists to obtain the British fellowship in the specialties of orthodontics and pediatric dentistry

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 The trainee obtains accredited certificates with the practical requirements for each semester from accredited trainers from the British Colleges of Surgeons (Edinburgh-Glasgow-London-Ireland), which allows him to apply for exams held in Egypt and abroad if he so desires.

Terms of progress:

1. The student obtains a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Dental Surgery from one of the Egyptian Universities or its equivalent from foreign universities.
2. Spending an internship year
3. Passing a personal interview with those in charge of the program

Applications are submitted to the office of Prof. Dr. / Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, including the following
1. Graduation certificate
2. Internship Certificate
3. A copy of the national number or passport for foreigners
Applications are open from March 15 to April 15, 2023