Scientific day at the College of Dentistry

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 Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Gamal Sami, President of the University

And Professor Dr. Hisham Tamraz
Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs

The Continuing Education Unit organized a scientific day for internship and postgraduate doctors, graduates of the college and other dental colleges, and faculty members.

Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mohsen Abi Al-Hassan, Dean of the College of Dentistry
And Prof. Dr. Yousra Nashaat, Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research and Vice President of the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Dentistry
And Dr. Rasha Sameh, director of the unit.
A scientific lecture by Professor Dr. Mona Ghoneim
Head of the Department of Conservative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, entitled:
“The Dynamic World In Digital Dentistry”

And a scientific lecture by Dr. Karim Homs
Pediatric Dentistry Consultant - Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University
“Digital Editing of Dental Records”

In the VIP hall of the University Hospital on Wednesday 29/11/2023 at Ten AM
All attendees expressed their admiration for the advanced and influential scientific content in all branches of dentistry