Participation of the Faculty of Dentistry in the development convoy heading to the village of Minya in Giza

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 Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Gamal Sami, President of  October 6 University, and Professor Dr. Hisham Tamraz, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and within the framework of the College of Dentistry’s contribution to the activities of the Community Service and Environmental Development sector at the University, the College of Dentistry participated in the development convoy heading to the village of Minya. - Al-Saf Center - Giza Governorate, on Tuesday, 3/5/2024, in cooperation with the Egyptian Center for Community Development and Special Groups Care Association, where the Medical Convoys Committee at the College - followed up and attended with Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abi Al-Hassan, Dean of the College and Chairman of the Developmental Convoys Committee at the University, and under the supervision Prof. Dr. Maggie Khairy, vice dean for community service and environmental development, sent a delegation of faculty members, internship doctors, and students to participate in the convoy.

The team examined 211 patients and made treatment referrals to the College of Dentistry Hospital. The necessary therapeutic medications were dispensed for the cases, and the World Dental Federation, headed by Dr. Nahawand Thabet, and Unilever Company contributed to providing three mobile dental units, in addition to providing free samples (toothpaste and toothbrushes) to be distributed, in addition to posters to raise awareness of the importance and how to maintain oral health. And teeth.
The convoy passed in a good atmosphere due to the large turnout. The residents of the area also appreciated and praised this social humanitarian initiative, and thanked the participants in organizing this medical convoy and all its crew members.