A visit from the College of Dentistry to Imad Ragheb Nursing Home

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 In implementation of the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, under the auspices of:

Prof. Dr. Jamal Sami Ali
President of October 6 University
Prof. Dr. Hisham Tamraz
Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development
Prof. Dr. Mohsen Hussein Abi Al-Hassan
Dean of the College of Dentistry
Prof. Dr. Magi Ahmed Khairy
Vice Dean of the College for Community Service and Environmental Development
The Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 University, visited the Imad Ragheb Nursing Home and signed an initial examination for the children. After that, on Wednesday 5/1/2024, the children were received at the University’s Faculty of Dentistry to provide the necessary treatments for them.