The Faculty of Dentistry Organized a Medical Convoy

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The Faculty of Dentistry organized a medical convoy on Friday 17/3/2017 in coordination with the Community Service Centre of  October 6 university and in collaboration with “ Al’Gasad Al’Wahed” committee. The convoy was held in “Al’Osar Al’Akthar Ehteyagan” nursery at 6th of October City.

Doctors from Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacology and Applied Medical science participated in the convoy. Clinics were set up at the nursery premises including different dental specialities, general surgery clinic, internal medicine, ophthalmology, ultrasound waves,  pharmacy and laboratory investigation.

One hundred senior dental students participated in the convoy in addition to 10 of the third and fourth year students that held oral and dental awareness seminars.


The convoy provided medications and medical services for about 650 patients.