World Oral Health Day FDI (World Dental Federation) Brilliance School

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 The Faculty of Dentistry (Pediatric Dentistry Department) has collaborated with the representative of FDI (World Dental Federation) Dr. Nahawand Thabet to celebrate the World Oral Health Day. Since the goal of the World Oral Health Day is to promote awareness and emphasize the importance of oral hygiene for everyone, an oral health education campaign targeting the kindergarten department of Brilliance School in Abu Rawash was arranged. The campaign staff included Dr. Hadeel Sabry, Vice Dean, Faculty staff members as well as a number of interns and 5th year students.   

 The visit included:

· An oral presentation for the children emphasizing the importance of oral hygiene

·  An oral presentation for the teachers  about traumatic injuries in schools  and the importance of prompt action 

·  Tooth brushing instructions and demonstration

·  Activities for the children emphasizing the importance of healthy eating

·  Dental screening, assessments charts were sent home to the parents with the status of their child’s oral cavity

· Certificates were given out to the children who were caries free

· A take home package for each student that included a toothbrush and toothpaste, a pamphlet prepared by the Pediatric Dentistry department that included dental information relevant to the parents and further activities to be completed at home by the children.

The school management considered the visit to be a huge success and invited the campaign members to come back to meet the older grades.


 This visit is considered to be the first of a series of oral health education campaigns targeting schoolchildren and in particular those who attend government schools.

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