Scientific Student Conference Under the Title " (New Horizon to Unique Dentistry)

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 In a wonderful scientific atmosphere, the 6th of October University College of Dentistry organized its scientific student conference under the title "

 )New Horizon to Unique Dentistry)
 With a distinguished elite of professors lecturers in various disciplines of dentistry under the auspices of Prof. Ahmed Attia Saada President of the University And Prof. Yehia Al-Baghdadi, Dean of the College, Assis. Prof. Dr. Hadeel Sabry, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs. The conference was organized by Assi. Prof. Dr. Yousra Nashaat and Prof. Hala Yassin with the active cooperation of all faculty members, teaching assistants and the organizers. The conference was honoured by Dr. Mageed Amin, Chairman of the Dental Sector Committee, and many deans of faculties and dentists in Egypt.
The attendees expressed their satisfaction with the organization of the conference in an honourable manner and benefited from the valuable scientific material delivered by each of them:
Professor Dr. Hesham Qatamesh, Professor of Fixed Prosthodontics and Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University.
Professor Dr. Azza Ezz El-Arab Professor of Oral Medicine and Gum Disease and Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies, Cairo University
Professor Dr. Mushira Dahaba, Professor of Radiology and Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies, Cairo University.
Professor Dr. Sherine Al-Attar, Professor of Prosthodontics- Alexandria University and Chairman of the Dental Implants Association.
And Professor Dr. Mohamed Fatti, Professor of Facial and Maxillofacial Surgery, Alexandria University.
At the beginning of the conference, the university president and the dean of the faculty honored the pioneers of faculty members who had the first role in establishing the college since its inception.