The Faculty of Dentistry – October 6 University – announces the start of admission to the study of Master Degree of Dentistry in the following departments: • Oral Pathology • Oral Biology • Oral Medicine • Orthodontics • Fixed Prosthodontics • Removable Prosthodontics • Oral Surgery • Pediatric Dentistry - It goes in accordance with the agreement signed between October 6 University and Tanta University. - Study will be conducted at October 6 University and the certificate will be obtained from the Faculty of Dentistry, Tanta University. - Teaching assistants affiliated to the faculty are only entitled to register for PhD study in all departments during the period from 01/07/2014 until 08/15/2014. - Applications are submitted to the Postgraduate Studies Department of October 6 University. Dean of the Faculty Prof. Yahya Baghdady