News:faculty of Economics and Management organizedorganized a seminar entitled "First Aid"

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 Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tariq Hammad, Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Suzi Rashad and the tendency of the Faculty to serve the community and develop the environment, the Crisis and Disasters Committee of the Community Service and Environment Sector, coordinated by Dr. Heba Al-Husseini, Chairman of the Committee, organized a seminar entitled "First Aid", in light of the keenness of the Community Service and Environment Sector on the safety of faculty members, workers and students, spreading the culture of first aid and correct dealing with the injured, and providing participants with modern skills and methods in public safety and general rules for first aid and dealing with injuries as a preventive role.

Lecturer, Prof. Nirvana Al-Shalakany... Faculty of Medicine _ 6th of October University
On Wednesday, 15/3/2023 in Hall 4413 at 1 pm.