Reception Ceremony for the New Students

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 The Faculty of Economics & Management held on Monday 23/9/2019 a reception ceremony for the new students and the Faculty Dean Prof/ Tarek Hammad welcomed the attendees and stressed the keenness of faculty members and the assisting body to provide all support to the students, also Prof/ Hala El-Helaly, the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, also talked about the nature of the study in the Faculty and its various sections and opportunities to participate in the activities, Prof/Osman Mohamed, the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies, presented the available graduate programs and the chances of admission, and Prof/ Suzi Rashad, the Vice Dean for community Service and Environmental Development pointed out the various activities of the sector and how to connect the student community with the external community, and managers of the various departments at the university gave an idea of their activities and opportunities to participate.