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Financial support mechanism for students

 Financial Support Mechanism for Students


In order to provide assistance to the student, we need you to take note of the regulation approved by the executive program of social solidarity in this regard:

First: students eligible for financial support because Social issues:

1. The death of a parent, if the death is after the payment of the first installment .

2. Bankruptcy or severe financial distress that has happened after starting attendance at the university.

3. Severe cases of illness in the family, which require expensive treatment expenses for the father or mother or siblings and that the ailment has appeared after starting university .

Second: Documents required:

Student must provide to the office of social solidarity at the university;

1. The necessary documents (for social research purposes)  that shows household income and financial burdens within the family.

2. Documents that show credibility of the student’s case : In case of death, the death certificate is required , and in the case of illness a medical report is required (not taken by doctor’s prescription) from the hospital and therapy bills and in the event of bankruptcy the student should present what proves his/her financial distress and it’s cause.

Third: Success requires to get a discount interdependence.

Fourth: advertising on this mechanism to the website of the University.