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Vice Dean

 Dear students,

Welcome to the Faculty of Languages and Translation, which always seeks to qualify distinguished graduates, who have professional and academic skills that make them ready for joining the labor market. This aim is materialized by providing five distinct language programs.

The Faculty also presents diverse activities and events which contribute to patronizing gifted students and building the university character. We do promise you will spend a very enjoyable academic day, studying, practicing hobbies and carrying out different activities.


Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs

Associate Professor. Marwa Mohamed Ibrahim

 Under the supervision and support of Prof. Mona Ahmed Al-Halawany, Dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation, the affairs of postgraduate studies for the assisting staff members are being followed in the five departments of the faculty.

The faculty also seeks to take the necessary steps supported by the university and the faculty administration to start the master’s and doctoral programs in the English Language Department and the other departments.

The plan of the post graduate studies, emanating from the faculty’s strategic plan and the departments ’annual research plans, is followed e. The scientific and academic situation of the faculty members and assisting staff members and the faculty members’ research database are updated.

The regulations of postgraduate studies, the credit hours' system of the English Language Department has been prepared, developed and revised, and then submitted to the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities. The Council Committee of Literature Sector approved the start of study in the master's program on November 3, 2020. Committees of postgraduate studies were formed in the faculty, all necessary procedures were taken, and the program has already commenced.

The Administrative and Financial Regulations for the Post Graduate Studies Program were prepared in the credit hour system in the English Language Department of the Faculty and reviewed by Prof. Mona Al Halawany, and sent to Prof. Ali Abdel Aziz, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research for accreditation and approved by the University Council at its session on 3/31 / 2021.The regulations of post graduate studies are being prepared for the credit hours for the rest of the faculty's departments: the German Language Department, the Spanish Language Department, the French Language Department, and the Chinese Language Department.

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Associate Professor. Abdel-Kareem Qutb Shehata

Community Service and Environmental Development is one of the priorities of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation, as it is an integral part of the basic elements of the university’s mission in terms of education, scientific research, community service and environmental development. Therefore, the Faculty is keen to meet the needs within the university’s community and its surrounding community through implementing a package of various practices, activities and services such as community, environmental and occupational safety awareness programs. Specialized seminars and workshops, field visits, cultural, educational and service convoys, related to sustainable development, are held with the participation of faculty members, teaching assistants and students in research projects and community solidarity, as well as programs and training courses for all faculty and administrating members. The work environment is also secured by providing security and safety requirements for human cadres and all infrastructure facilities, as well as communicating with graduates through continuous training and providing job opportunities.

The role of specialized units is also highlighted in developing human resources inside and outside the faculty and qualifying them for the labor market through training programs, in the fields of languages ​​and human development. The Faculty of Languages and Translation college is also keen to establish cooperation protocols and agreements with external bodies and institutions to strengthen bridges of interconnectedness and fruitful interaction with the employers of her graduates. We pray to God Almighty to help us participate in supporting and developing the renaissance process in the faculty in order to continuously play its role in community service, support and produce a generation of graduates capable of competing according to the needs of society and the labor market, and to achieve the initiative adopted by the faculty under the slogan: "Towards a Better and Sustainable Tomorrow." 

Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs

Associate Professor. Gehan M. Anwar Deeb