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About the Pediatric Nursing Department:

The Pediatric Nursing Department is one of the scientific departments that is keen to provide nursing education in the field of pediatric nursing through knowledge based on scientific evidence, practical and behavioral skills that enable students to provide high quality nursing care for children of different ages.



Department vision:

The Department of Pediatric Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, 6th of October University, seeks to compete with pediatric nursing departments at the local, regional and international levels through self-learning, reflection and seminars, and providing students with information, scientific and educational mission in the field of pediatric nursing to provide a level of nursing care for children in different health care sites.
Department massage:

The Department of Pediatric Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing, 6 October  University is part of an educational institution that contributes to preparing qualified graduates who are able to work in the field of child care in different age group in health and illness by providing students with skills and knowledge based on evidence, effective communication skills and the professional practices based on Scientific research to serve the community, through highly professional and qualified faculty members.

Department Objectives:

§ Providing students with the necessary skills, knowledge, concepts and attitudes that are based on the evidence and information extracted from the results of scientific research on the nursing interventions of the child in health and disease at different age stages.

§ Providing students with knowledge about growth and physical and psychological development.

§ Providing skills to know the impact of disease and disability on the physical, psychological and social aspects of children in different stages.

§  Training students on how to deal with healthy and sick children in different age groups, as well as nursing care, through studying different cases, role-playing, problem-solving, and practically studying cases related to child and family problems in practice.

§   Giving the necessary health education to mothers of children.

§ Providing students with knowledge and skills to maintain children's health and prevent disease.

§ Motivating faculty members to pursue scientific research and international publication, taking into account the ethics of the profession and scientific research.

§ Training and raising the efficiency of the nursing staff working in the field of pediatric nursing.

§ participating in the development of the internal and external community in terms of providing health advice related to the care of children.

Evaluation System:

Several methods are used to assess students and they are:

1. Small periodic exams and written examinations.

2. Practical and laboratory examinations.

3. Case study.

4. Research and discussions.

5. Field evaluation.

6. Observation forms.