A Delegation from the Liaocheng University of China in a visit to the University 6 October

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A delegation from Liaocheng University, consisting of the University President, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages,  Dean of the Faculty of Chinese Language and Director of International Programs the Office, paid a visit to October 6 University  on Tuesday 26 December 2017.

The delegation was received and welcomed by Prof. Ali Talaat, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Mona Ahmed Al-Halawani, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation and Prof. Umima Ghanem, Head of the Chinese Language Department at the Faculty.

The president of the Chinese University made a presentation to the faculties at the          University, and also Mona El-Halawany displayed the course description of Arabic language programme for foreigners offered by the Language and Translation Center at the Faculty.

Then the Chinese University delegation offered the possibility of cooperation between the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation at October 6 University and the Faculty of Chinese Language, to provide scholarships to the distinguished students in Chinese lLanguage Department to improve their language in China.


DR. Umimah Ghanem also presented the idea of ​​establish Confucius Institute at October 6 University in the frame work of the "Twenty Belt" initiative supported by the Chinese government, which was promised to be studied by the President of the Liaocheng University of China