Exam Barring policy due to Absence

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 1-    Students of the Faculty of Languages and Translation must maintain, at least, an attendance rate of 75%, according to Universities law.

2-    Absence days of each student are calculated by counting the semester's weeks. Students shall be barred from exams should their absence rate exceeds 25%, except in the following cases:-

·        Hospital admission.

·         Death of immediate family member.

·        Unforeseen circumstances.

The above-mentioned exceptions must be supported with documents.

 Note: - Excuse letters and doctor's notes must be submitted to the Faculty administration immediately upon the student's absence. These documents shall be inadmissible if delayed.

3-    A committee of designated faculty members, headed by the Dean, is formed to scrutinize each and every submitted document to decide on the proper course of action.

4-    A list of the barred students shall be made and delivered to each department before the final exams date.

Prof. Mona Ahmed El-halawany

Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation